Craftsmanship through the Ages

PJ Works started in 1995 as a small “hobby shop” in the owner’s home garage making one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and crafts for every occasion. Over twenty years later, PJ Works, Inc. is still owned and operated by that same “hobbyist” but with his support and guidance we have evolved as one of the premier specialty wood, plastic, and composite material fabricators in Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas regions, otherwise known as the “Arklatex”.

While we occasionally still make those unique furniture pieces, today we specialize in creating custom parts for individuals and business out of various types of wood and plastic materials. In essence, if it’s made from wood or sheet plastic, PJ Works, Inc. can craft it. Our state-of-the-art facility, a wide array of high-speed CNC equipment, and the finest artisans in the area allow us to produce things never envisioned in the past.

Of course some things you just can’t improve on. We still operate with that same “family-garage” service and attention to detail that was born in our humble roots. While others in the industry have focused on cheaper offshore imports as a way to compete, PJ Works can proudly claim that our quality products are and always will be MADE IN THE USA! Check out our extensive photo gallery and see the quality and exquisite detail in all of our products.

CNC Router

PJ Works is equipped with high-speed CNC routing capabilities. This allows us to machine and cut out any design, shape, or part that you need. Materials that we work with include plywood, MDF, Extira, Phenolic, flat plastics including but not limited to Acrylic, UHMWPE and many other composite materials.

MDF Cabinet Doors  

With the help of sophisticated software, PJ Works is equipped with an extensive library of MDF cabinet doors for all of your interior cabinets.

For areas that may be exposed to the weather, the same library of doors can be machined out of waterproof MDF, better known as Extira, which will hold up to whatever nature throws at it. 

Laser and Router Engraving Services

Equipped with a laser engraver, we can laser just about any design or picture onto a variety of different plaques up to 20” X 32”.

With the power of CNC technology you can have signs engraved and machined to exactly the right size and look that you want on our CNC Router.

Picture Framing 

PJ Works has cut custom moldings for many years for cabinets, crown molding, baseboards, and flooring. Recently we became equipped to take a variety of moldings that we’ve cut and develop a picture frame department. This allows us to make custom picture frames for our customers.